Simply air.

Things like this don’t happen normally. Going up, and see such unbelievable views, right in front of you, surrounding you, so close to the clouds, feeling so high, and knowing that at the beginning, you thought that all that you’re going to feel is.. mainly.. pain. Of your feet, of your back, of your lungs, because you have never done a three-days-hike before. Well. It was worth it. Even more.

It was AIR.





~ de Dora pe 21 August, 2007.

7 răspunsuri to “Simply air.”

  1. Prima şi a treia îmi gâdilă retina într-un mod deosebit de frumos. 🙂 Felicitări, Dor!

  2. Super reusite pozele. Sunt foarte frumoase.

  3. Simply…wonderful…i can say…i am glad you enjoyed this hike. Thank you for this great words Dora.

    Best regards


  4. I just love the 2nd one! Amazing shot!

  5. Prima poza aproape ca ma aduce acolo. Mersi 😛
    Iar a 3 a e de basm. Felicitari

  6. purdy 🙂

  7. ultima.

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